• Gregers Brinch

Gregers Brinch

Since 1985, I have composed over 100 works including, concertos, oratorios, an orchestral suite, sonatas, string quartets and Solo-works for various instruments.  
My works for Voice and Instrumental Ensembles in English, German and in my native Danish form a central part of my output.

CDs include:
 "Blue Harmony", Piano-works recorded by Diana Baker
  "Harmonious Dissonance" including String Quartet no. 1 issued by Parma records
  "The Story of Parzival" for Baritone and Solo-flute with the "Suite for solo flute" with flautist Julie Groves.  
 "Gregers Brinch vol.1, 2 and 3"  issued on Claudio records - http://www.claudiorecords.com/.
I also write on music theory, give lectures on music phenomena and teach singing, guitar and piano.



Sheet music

Last update
Blue Harmony, Op.2 No.1
Jazz / Instrumental
Dialogue for One, Op.72
Classical / Contemporary
Most popular
  1. Blue Harmony, Op.2 No.1
    Jazz / Instrumental
  2. The Prime Octave Polarity
    Classical / Theory
  3. Peace Prelude, Op.103
    Classical / Contemporary
  4. Dialogue for One, Op.72
    Classical / Contemporary
  5. The Lord's Prayer, Op.57 No.1
    Religious / Christian


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TIME AND MUSIC I once had a piano student who started learning the instrument at the end of his A-level studies. In the space of a year he reached a considerable fluency and capacity for expression on the piano. At the age of 18 the time was right ...
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Preparing a project in Denmark
For 17 years I have been working on and off on 44 poems by the Danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen who died in March 2002. In March 2003 two memorial concerts were held for which I was responsible, one in Sorgenfri Church, the other a week later in Holmen's ...