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04 Jan 2019, News
The Bingham String Quartet Christmas Concert in London
04.01.2019  International Concert Series  at Steiner Hall in London has hosted a large number of my works over the past 4 years. The most recent was the Bingham String Quartet who played my piece 'Quarter' for string quartet.  The piece was composed less that 12 months ago for a Komvest (Danish composers society) concert in the North of Jutland in his native Denmark, and it combines three of the composer’s own songs with a study of the interval of the fourth. The fourth has particular ...
11 Jan 2013, Artikel
Time and music
TIME AND MUSIC I once had a piano student who started learning the instrument at the end of his A-level studies. In the space of a year he reached a considerable fluency and capacity for expression on the piano. At the age of 18 the time was right for him to discover some gold nuggets in the form of masterpieces he could technically manage, if not quite master yet… and this made him an easy student to teach. He had been fired up by the works of composers, whose time for living was long past, but ...
11 Jan 2013, News
Preparing a project in Denmark
For 17 years I have been working on and off on 44 poems by the Danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen who died in March 2002. In March 2003 two memorial concerts were held for which I was responsible, one in Sorgenfri Church, the other a week later in Holmen's Church (the Royal Naval Church) in Copenhagen. At these concerts the first sequence from the poetry collection was performed.  Now it is the time to get going on the second sequence to be prepared and I am very happy to be doing so with soprano ...