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04 янв 2019
The Bingham String Quartet Christmas Concert in London

04.01.2019 International Concert Series at Steiner Hall in London has hosted a large number of my works over the past 4 years. The most recent was the Bingham String Quartet who played my piece 'Quarter' for string quartet. The piece was composed less that 12 months ago for a Komvest (Danish composers society) concert in the North of Jutland in his native Denmark, and it combines three of the composer’s own songs with a study of the interval of the fourth. The fourth has particular energy of itself, focusing and concentrating the attention of the singer/performer as well as the listener. The piece opens and closes with a Danish hymn-like passage and the overall structure is symmetric, with similar passages either side of a rather rough and ready tune in the middle of the Quartet. The musicians are encouraged to play with singing feeling. - This is the Danish poem to the opening and closing passage: ”Tegn”:

Vi er i drift 
mod himmelranden.
Vi er på flugt
fra det forladte.
På forden skal 
vi overnatte
og søge tilflugt
hos hinanden.

Vi finder tegn
I sol og stjærne.
Der løber spor
Hvor græsset sover.
I mørket står
vi bøjet over
de gode drømmes 
første kærne.



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